Wallace at The Dell

A National Campaign to preserve Wallace's house and gardens in Grays

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This is a National Campaign which aims to ensure the preservation of the house and gardens occupied by Alfred Russel Wallace during his time in Grays.

The sale of the Dell gives us an opportunity to establish a major heritage asset not just for Thurrock but for the wider community in Britain and the world.

The campaign has been welcomed by Dr. George Beccaloni of the Natural History Museum who said

“The Dell is historically very important because it is the only one of the three homes that Wallace built which still survives. It was paid for using money he earned from the sale of natural history specimens collected during his 8 year expedition to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Wallace is the founder of evolutionary biogeography (the study of the geographical distribution of animals and plants) and his most important book on this subject, “The Geographical Distribution of Animals”, was written whilst he lived at The Dell.”

The building could be used to house a heritage centre with information on Wallace's life and achievements. We would like to collect and display objects and publications related to Wallace and the development of the theory of evolution by natural selection, which would be available as an important resource for the history of science in the 19th century.

Your Thurrock gave us some publicity Your Thurrock report  

We have received a Heritage Lottery Fund grant to raise the profile in Thurrock of Alfred Russel Wallace