Wallace at The Dell

A campaign to preserve the memory of Wallace and his ownership of The Dell as part of Thurrock’s heritage.

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The Wallace display was at the Thameside Nature Park for two weeks, from 5th March to 22nd March. Among the items on display is a full sized replica of the memorial plaque to Wallace in Westminster Abbey. This was kindly lent to us by Thurrock Museum. The display is in the visitor's centre which has a cafe, gift shop and a learning zone with lots of information about the site.

Volunteers were present on the first day and we met a number of interesting people. These included a lady who had been there during the final two years The Dell was used for the sixth form of the girl's grammar school - the upper sixth downstairs and the lower sixth upstairs. She remembered being taught by Sister Rita who held the chalk as if it were a cigarette, occasionally tapping it.

For the remaining time, the display was unattended, but copies of our informative booklet were available. According to staff at the visitor's centre, the display attracted a great deal of interest. Although the information panels have been removed, some copies of the booklet are still available.

If you have any queries about the display, Wallace or for copies of the booklet, please e-mail: JohnMatthews@thurrock-history.org.uk

The visitors centre at the Thameside Nature Park

Outside, the Nature Park has a splendid children's play area, magnificent views across the Thames and extensive areas to walk.

The Thameside Nature Park is in south Essex, on the Thames estuary, in the village of Mucking about five miles east of the M25. From the A13 follow signs to Walton Hall Farm Museum and take the next right into Mucking Wharf Road, continue along this road past the small car park and cottage on your right and proceed along the single lane track to the visitors centre and car park. 

The YourThurrock report is here.

Mike Ostler with Nature Park manager, Kevin Diver



You can e-mail: JohnMatthews@thurrock-history.org.uk if you would like to help with the project, or if you would like a copy of the booklet.