Wallace at The Dell

A campaign to preserve the memory of Wallace and his ownership of The Dell as part of Thurrock’s heritage.

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Alfred Russel Wallace at the NHM

On 1st April, volunteers visited the Natural History Museum where we were able to look at the portrait of Wallace on the staircase at the end of the main hall, close to the statue of Darwin. Unfortunately, the statue of Wallace has been moved and is not currently on display - it may reappear when the current refurbishments are completed.

Natural Selection does not get a great deal of emphasis at the museum. The "Human Evolution" gallery has a large number of sculls and other bones, as well as models of various hominin species. The operation of natural selection on our ancestral species is not particularly mentioned.

Natural selection is mentioned in two modern panels, either side of the statue of Thomas Henry Huxley (Darwin's Bulldog), but in each case the theory is credited to Darwin, with no mention of Wallace.




The plaque below the portrait of
Alfred Russel Wallace
at the Natural History Museum



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