Wallace at The Dell

A National Campaign to preserve Wallace's house and gardens in Grays

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On Saturday 21st November, the project to increase awareness of Wallace took part in the Thurrock Local History Book Fair. This was organised by Thurrock Libraries and took place from 10.00 to 12.00 on the ground floor of the Thameside complex. Orsett Rd, Grays.

We took with us information about Wallace and his life and work while he lived in The Dell, Grays including a display of Wallace related material among which was a copy of the book he wrote and published while living in Grays The Geographical Distribution of Animals. We had a modest but steady stream of visitors to whom we chatted about Wallace. We also gave away copies of our booklet about Wallace and The Dell.

We were joined by the Thurrock Local History Society who sold copies of some of their local history publications and a number of other authors of local history books related to Thurrock.


You can e-mail: JohnMatthews@thurrock-history.org.uk if you would like to help with the project, or if you would like a copy of the booklet.